North/South Central Regionals (GM)

Milwaukee, WI (June 8 - June 9)

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Roster: 16 / 28 (Out-of-region: 2 (13%) / 4)

The ideal blend of community and competition. Whether you’re recently retired from the club division, transitioning away from the commitment required to play elite-level ultimate, or simply looking to have fun and reconnect with old teammates and opponents, the masters division offers a spirited and competitive outlet across three age-restricted categories. You must be at least 40 years old for men or 37 years old for women, non-binary, or players who prefer to self-report their gender identity on December 31, 2024 to register for this event. This is a USA Ultimate (USAU) sanctioned event which requires a current adult $69 annual USAU membership. You will need your team jersey $39 per set. You will need your team shorts $31 per pair or matching black shorts. The bid fee (per player) is $44. You will be responsible for travel, meals, photographs, and lodging (as applicable). If you register for GGM Division then you are ineligible for this event. The roster became locked on Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at 6:00 PM. The maximum size of a team's event roster is 28 players. At least 75% of the players on a team’s roster must reside in-region. No more than 5 players may reside out-of-region.

JerseyNicknameFirst NameLast NameLocationDivision
1TimOliphantKansas CityGM
5Nasa1JohnSimmonsKansas CityGM
11PatPatrickByrnesDes Moines, IAGM
17CraigNelsonKansas CityGM
24TravisMeiliKansas CityGM
29JTJeremiahThomasKansas CityGM
34JeremySieferSan Antonio, TX2GM
37RyanButlerRochester, MNGM
56AirbounceAlanO'BrienKansas CityGM
67KrisKristopherLilleyRogers, AR2GM
84Steve Z1SteveZapoluchSpring Hill, KSGM
87NickNicholasSemrauKansas CityGM
88JasonReskinKansas CityGM
1 On Jersey2 Out-of-region